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SpendEdge, a well-known procurement intelligence solution provider, has announced the completion of their latest business portfolio analysis study for an oil and gas industry client.

New technological advancements and high preference for digitalization are going to evolve oil and gas companies in terms of efficiency and bring new challenges and opportunities for them. They are required to stay up-to-date with the latest oil and gas industry trends and conduct a comprehensive portfolio assessment, management, and restructuring to address the lack of equity appreciation and declining financial results. Moreover, oil and gas companies are also expected to face relentless pressure to improve returns as they are encountering strong headwinds stemming from challenges inherent to the industry and the return of pricing volatility. In such a complex and uncertain environment, it has become crucial for companies in the oil and gas industry to leverage a business portfolio analysis solution.

According to the procurement experts at SpendEdge, Companies in the oil and gas industry can precisely optimize their portfolio and be in sync with how markets evaluate portfolios in the period of uncertainty with the help of business portfolio analysis.”

The Business Problem: The client is a leading multinational company in the oil and gas industry that specializes in natural gas exploration and refining, manufacture of oil-based chemicals, and geothermal energy production. The continued weakness in financial results was making it difficult for the oil and gas industrys client to balance investments, production, and returns of the company. This even resulted in financial losses for the company and compelled them to leverage SpendEdges business portfolio analysis solution to evaluate each of their service categories individually and better financial management. They also wanted to determine the risks in the oil and gas industry and take measures to avoid them before it affects the companys revenue. Moreover, they needed expert’s guidance to gain valuable insights from business portfolio analysis and develop better business strategies.

Are incompetent corporate strategies taking a toll on your investment plans and affecting the revenue system of your company. Talk to our experts and know how our business portfolio analysis solution can be employed to determine the risks in the oil and gas industry and enhance business revenues.

The Solution Offered: Experts at SpendEdge analyzed the companys short and long-term investment goals against various investment possibilities and recommended an efficient business plan with the help of a business portfolio analysis solution. The solution offered also provided them with vital insights to figure out service sections that prove productive for the business and optimize their marketing expenditure accordingly. They were also able to figure out the risks and vulnerabilities in the oil and gas industry and strategize ways to scale their growth among the oil and gas companies. Moreover, the business portfolio analysis solution enabled them to ensure cost-effective production levels and predict major shifts in technology and price fluctuations that were likely to occur.

In the extended downturn from 2014 to 2017, most upstream oil and gas companies reduced costs, some high-graded their portfolios, others concentrated their resources; however, many were still struggling to adapt quickly. Request a free proposal to know how our business portfolio analysis can help you address all such issues in the future.

SpendEdges business portfolio analysis approach helped the client to:

  • Improve financial management for their organization.
  • Analyze risks and vulnerabilities in the oil and gas industry.
  • Want to actively manage a portfolio within a consistent strategic framework? Request a free demo and know how business portfolio analysis can help in sustaining current production levels, funding future growth, and maintaining shareholder payouts.

SpendEdges business portfolio analysis approach also offered predictive insights on:

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